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What Market Researchers Can Learn from the 2020 Election Polls: Ask the Right Questions

RealityCheck Consulting Co-Founders & Insights Strategists, Jim White and Jim Chastain, share their insights on what market researchers can learn from 2020’s Election Polls and how to apply these lessons to qualitative consumer research projects.

Best Practices: How To Do Agile Research Right

Jim White, Co-Founder and Insights Strategist of RealityCheck Consulting, is joined by Paula Kramer, VP at Aha! Insights Technology, and Ilana Borzak, Senior Strategist at RealityCheck, to share best practices for qualitative Agile Research for consumer insights.

Qualitative Research: 5 Tips for Online Focus Groups & IDIs

Jim White, Co-founder and Human Insights Strategist at qualitative market research firm RealityCheck, shares five best practices for conducting online focus groups and IDIs.

Which Market Research Projects Make the Most Sense… Now

Jim White, Human Insights Strategist at RealityCheck, on which market research projects make the most sense to do in the Covid moment and which projects you might want to put a hold on.

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