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Market Research Technologies 

ResTech for Consumer Research

with a human touch

Some say it’s the driver, not the car. We say it’s both.

Humans and machines both have strengths and weaknesses. We combine the best of both to uncover the 10%. We blend high tech and high touch, artificial intelligence and human intelligence to deliver deep human insights for our clients.

RealityCheck is a pioneer in ResTech. We built our first digital research platform in 2005. We spun that off as a separate company several years ago and now work with best-in-class technologies to uncover 10% insights with depth and speed.

But the best technology is useless without human curiosity, interpretation and storytelling. So, our insight analysists and strategists use technology to maximize depth, comprehensiveness and agility in our work.

Whether you need a deep understanding of your consumer to inspire innovation, get your strategy or positioning right, or test advertising or new product concepts, we find the 10% you need to know, explain why it matters and help you decide what to do about it.

Online Market Research

We use ResTech to transform fieldwork through mobile ethnographic research, projective asynchronous activities, and webcam interviews and online focus groups.

Online Communities

In our RealityLive™ Communities, we use digital platforms and dashboards to give brand teams immediate access to the 10% insights they need to make the right decisions.

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AI Text Analytics

We use AI text analytics to reveal patterns and relationships in language that can’t be detected with the naked eye.

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