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Market Research to Uncover the 10% You Need to Know

What’s the 10%? It’s the signal in the noise. It’s the “lead.” It’s the most important new consumer insights that will move your business forward.

Ninety percent of what gets reported in most market research studies is already known. We spend 90% of our efforts uncovering the 10% you don’t know.

RealityCheck is more than a full-service market research firm.

We’re a team of experienced insight strategists, conceptual analysts, technology evangelists and data storytellers. We’ll work with you to find the new information you need to know, explain why it matters and help you decide what to do about it. Our full-service market research approach, including AdvancedQual+, quantitative  and integrated qual/quant, delivers meaningful insights that light the way forward for inspired strategy, product innovation, positioning and concepts.

What We Do

Brand Strategy

Deep explorations into the identity, beliefs, emotions and tensions that motivate human beings in their lives to help bring your marketing strategy to life.

market research for brand strategy

Test & Enhance Concepts

Uncovering what is most meaningful and motivating about your messaging, advertising, packaging and new product concepts.

market research fo concept and advertising testing

Engage & Track
Consumer Experiences (CX)

Mapping decision journeys, understanding shopper experiences and exploring how people use your brand in the context of their daily lives.

market research for CX and decision journey mapping

How We Turn Data into Actionable Insights

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