Who We Are

RealityCheck Is More Than A Research Firm.


We’re a global partnership of experienced creative facilitators, strategic conceptual analysts, and storytellers who believe in the power of human insight to make marketing better. Our insight strategists come from different backgrounds including journalism, advertising, brand marketing, psychology, and yes, market research. This diversity and experience allows us to provide the kind of insightful clarity and strategic direction that can transform a brand and a business.


We Help Brands Make Human Connections.

Consumers don’t buy brands. People do. Before we can make human connections with people, we have to talk to the human part of them. By talking and listening to “consumers” as “real people,” we get them to open up, share deeper insights and reveal bigger opportunities.


How Are Human Insights Different Than Consumer Insights?

Human insights are distinct from consumer insights. The human insight process involves the whole person and recognizes their life experience as the biggest influence in how they make decisions about brands.

We don’t think of someone as “the person responsible for washing the dishes in the household” or “the primary decision maker when it comes to household finances.” We think of them as a person with a whole set of life experiences that have shaped their sense of self.

How We Get To Human Insights

Narrative Mindset

Narrative Mindset

We approach research as a conversation — not a way to “test” people. By starting a conversation about what’s important in people’s lives, we learn what they believe, the tensions they have in the lives and their human motivations.

We think of people more as narrators than respondents, and treat them that way in the work we do. We want them to tell stories about themselves and their lives. We don’t ask them to offer opinions. Instead, we ask them to tell us stories about who they are and how brands fit into the life story they tell themselves every day.

Empathic Listening

Empathic Listening

We listen empathically when we do our work. We train our clients to do this as well. Empathic Listening is a technique used by clinical psychologists to acquire a deeper level of empathy with and understanding of another person. When we listen empathically, we let go of our own filters and agenda and listen for others. All of our consultants are trained to listen empathically. And we can teach you to do it too so you get closer to a true understanding of who you are targeting and how your brand can enhance their lives.

90/10 Analysis

90/10 Analysis

Marketers already know 90% of what’s reported in marketing research studies. We focus on the 10% they don’t know. It’s the 10% that leads to deeper insights and bigger opportunities. We call that the 90/10 rule. And it’s why we focus 90% of our efforts on the 10% our clients don’t already know.

Why It Matters To Brands

The best brands connect with their consumers on a human level. By understanding the way your brand can fit into a person’s life story, you are better able to motivate and connect in a transformative way.

The Advantage of Being Human in a Consumer World

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