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Develop a Humanizing Strategy Skill Set for Your Business

In addition to our Human Insights research approaches, RealityCheck offers four distinct training modules for business teams. These modules form the basic skill set that teams need to connect with their target on a more human level. They will allow your organization to create a culture of helping versus selling.

Each module is tailored to your business team’s needs. Each can be executed in abbreviated sessions or more in-depth workshops. They can accompany insights fieldwork and research projects to deepen the client experience. Or they can be executed as stand-alone training sessions. And when combined, the modules create a multi-day training workshop. In addition, RealityCheck provides mentoring and support to brand and insights teams in these four areas on an ongoing basis.

Empathic Listening & Conversations

Learn empathic listening & conversation skills so you can have a deeper understanding of the lives of your target. This is the foundation of discovering transformational human insights.

Psychologists are trained to listen and converse differently than the rest of us. But communicating empathically is a skill anyone can learn. We’ll train you and your team to have direct, meaningful conversations with the human beings who use your brand. And we’ll teach you how to listen empathically, like a psychologist, to reach a deeper level of understanding of your target. Learning the empathic communications skills is the key to humanizing your business strategy so you can create a culture of helping human beings versus selling to customers.

90/10 Analysis

Ninety-percent of what is reported in most market research studies is already known. Learn how to find the 10 percent your stakeholders don’t know.

The 90/10 Rule is simple. It means focusing 90 percent of your efforts on the 10 percent you and your stakeholders don’t already know. Because it’s the 10 percent that leads to deeper insights and bigger opportunities.

We’ll train you to design studies that go beyond consumer insights and reveal human insights – those dealing with issues of identity, life tensions, emotions and beliefs that really drive human behavior. We’ll show you how to elicit and analyze people’s stories to get to a deeper understanding of who they are, who they aspire to be and the role your brand can play in that evolving story. And we’ll show you how to communicate all of that in a compelling story that emphasizes the 10 percent your organization doesn’t already know.  

Attunement Workshop™

We’ll lead your team through a series of immersive experiences that include role playing, improvisation and creative collaboration with consumers so you and your team can feel your target on a deeply human level, instead of just gaining knowledge about them in a research report.

We call this process Attunement for a reason. Attunement is a psychological term that describes the bond that is created when someone reacts to another’s emotional state. When you feel someone on an empathic level you are compelled to act on their behalf. You get them on a level that goes beyond knowledge. You feel what it’s like to live their life. And you begin to think about your brand’s strategy through a human, rather than marketing, filter. Being attuned to the human beings who use your brand will inspire your team to innovate and better anticipate your consumers’ needs.

Insights Journalism™

Learn how to tell the story of your insights work like a journalist by turning data into engaging narratives that will inspire your organization to act.

Journalists never say they are setting out to report information. They set out to “get the story.” Because they know that stories inspire people to act and change people’s lives. It’s the same in the world of insights. If you want your stakeholders to act on the insights you find, you have to become a storyteller. You have to become an Insights Journalist. You have to tell the story of your insights in a way that inspires a movement inside your organization. In this module, we’ll teach you and your team to find “the lead” in your data – that single-most compelling new insight – and build a story around it that your stakeholders will find meaningful, memorable and motivating. And we’ll show you how to deliver that story in inventive ways such as podcasts, documentaries, and magazine-style articles.

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