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Client Immersion

Empathic Immersion Experiences for Brand Teams


We believe that feeling an insight is more powerful than knowing one.  

Felt insights are more deeply understood, more easily communicated and more decisively acted upon by business leaders and brand teams. That’s why we’ve created Empathic Immersion Experiences for clients that allow them to feel insights instead of just reading about them in a report.

Empathic Immersion Experiences allow companies to humanize their business strategies so they help people instead of just selling them products. We believe a spirit of helping – not selling – is a powerful differentiator for brands. 

Each of our Empathic Immersion Experiences are designed to create a deeper level of understanding and empathy between marketers and the human beings that engage with their brands.


Rhythm 1:1

Unmediated, one-to-one engagement between marketers and people in their target audience.

This experience is a way for marketers to directly experience the rhythm of life of the human beings they target through direct, one-to-one interactions. 

Rhythm 1:1 creates digital and face-to-face opportunities for client team members to have unmediated, individual interactions with the people they are targeting. Whether it be messaging through a private social media space, webcam conversations or face-to-face interactions, Rhythm 1:1 breaks down the barriers between marketers and consumers and turns everyone into human beings who can connect and learn from each other.

We will teach your team how to listen empathically, have deep, human conversations with people and glean powerful insights from these interactions. Then we’ll facilitate one-to-one interactions, Empathy Events and debriefs to help team members translate their experiences into action.

  • An Alternative to Communities – More than an online community, Rhythm 1:1 creates an empathy community for your brand. Instead of a larger, more faceless group offering quick opinions, Rhythm 1:1 creates human relationships that inspire innovation and ensure your team stays in touch with your target’s deeper motivations.
  • Innovation – Looking to inspire new ideas for new product pipeline innovation, brand positioning or messaging? Rhythm 1:1 can inspire your team to think differently about your brand’s role in people’s lives.

Attunement Workshops™

Half- to full-Day workshops led by our clinical psychologists in which brand team members become the target in order to solve specific issues.

Attunement Workshops follow some form of qualitative fieldwork such as Psychological Interviews or Ethnography. The workshops are led by RealityCheck clinical psychologists and are designed to produce specific outcomes, such as new product ideas, messaging platforms or segment profiles.

Our psychologists begin by training the client team to listen empathically. Empathic Listening is how psychologists are trained to listen. But it is a skill anyone can learn. Clients then apply their newly learned Empathic Listening skills to observing qualitative fieldwork.

Following fieldwork, RealityCheck psychologists and consultants lead the team through a series of immersive experiences in which team members become the target.  Activities may include guided imagery exercises, role playing and improvisation.

Then, from that deep, empathic perspective, team members participate in ideation against specific objectives and outcomes.

  • Development and optimization of brand architecture and positioning statements, rich consumer segment profiles, new product concepts and messaging platforms.

Co-Creation Workshops

Half- to full-day workshops in which teams of marketers and people in their target audience work shoulder-to-shoulder to develop and optimize ideas to solve specific issues.

These dynamic sessions pulse between small team breakout sessions and large group share-outs. Marketers and people in their target audience work together in small teams to complete tasks designed to inspire creative thinking and problem solving. Then, they share out ideas to the larger group to discuss, refine and cull. If necessary, the process continues to pulse between small team breakouts and large group share-outs until the team is happy with the ideas it’s produced.

  • Innovation – RealityCheck Co-Creation Workshops have been used to develop near-term new product concepts, long term/futurist brand evolution, messaging platforms and brand strategy platforms.
  • Need State/White Space Identification – Ideas are expressions of unmet needs. RealityCheck Co-Creation sessions are excellent forums for people to express unmet needs to marketers in the form of wish-list ideas for the category.

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