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Saul Hopper, PhD


Partner, Consumer Research Psychologist

My experience:

I have worked full-time as a clinical psychologist in private practice for 35 years and have been a RC consultant for 15 years. I specialize in designing unique approaches to conducting in-depth interviews. With years of clinical experience and teaching of psychology, my interviews go deep to uncover underlying emotional drivers and blocks, while teaching researchers how to make practical sense of the data revealed.

Categories I’ve worked in:

  • Pet Food
  • Camping Gear
  • Health Insurance
  • Food and Beverage
  • Beer and Spirits
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Public Relations
  • Employee Recruitment and Retention

What I’ve learned from working in the field:

Psychological insight is interesting but meaningless unless it can be translated into language that can be useful for brand development, strategy and marketing.

What a client can expect from me:

Youthful exuberance, a sense of humor and the wisdom of age.

When I’m not doing research, I’m…

Riding my bicycle, fishing, camping, or sitting in a sweat lodge.