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Mary Bayles


Business Manager

My Experience:

I have 30 years of experience running business operations for both privately-held and publicly-traded companies. My management skills were developed through hands-on roles in customer service, product development and support, financial accounting, human resources, purchasing and project management.

Categories I’ve worked in:

  • Financial services
  • Software development
  • International trade
  • Home furnishings
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Consumer marketing research
  • Residential real estate

What I’ve learned about consumers:

Everyone wants to be got—no one wants to be had.

My approach to business management:

Treat the business as if it’s my own and give it the care and structure it needs in order to run smoothly and successfully. Change is inevitable—plan accordingly.

What a client can expect from me:

A helpful demeanor, attention to the details, clear and timely communication

When I’m not working. . .

I’m an avid reader, film junkie, and all-around foodie. I volunteer as an ESL tutor and get away when I can to spend time with my far-flung family.