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90/10 Analysis

Ninety percent of what is reported in most market research studies is already known.

The 90/10 Rule is simple. It means focusing 90 percent of our efforts on the 10 percent you and your stakeholders don’t know. Because it’s the 10 percent that leads to deeper insights and bigger opportunities.

Insight professionals have unprecedented access to data about their customers. The problem these days is making sense of it all. Finding the story in the data.

Our insight strategists live by the 90/10 Rule. We do that through a process called Insights Journalism™. RealityCheck was started by a couple of former journalists. So we know a bit about finding the single, most important new information and reporting it in compelling stories.

So, whether it’s AdvancedQual+, quantitative, integrated qual/quant, immersive or agile, we set out to “get the story” and lead with the most important, new information you need to know. That’s the 10%.

90/10 Market Research Analysis

What We Do

Inspire Strategy

  • Deep exploration of consumer segments and targets
  • Understanding brand meaning for positioning development
  • Uncovering need states and tensions to reveal white space opportunities
  • Facilitate client immersion, empathy sessions and workshops
  • Quantitative Segmentation

Test & Enhance Concepts

  • Big Idea and messaging platforms
  • Advertising concepts
  • Packaging concepts
  • New product concepts
  • Thematic Drivers Analysis

Engage & Track Experiences

  • Tracking and mapping decision journeys
  • Exploring shopper experiences
  • Understanding in-home product usage and experiences (IHUT)
  • RealityLive™ Communities