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RealityCheck Segmentation Attunement™ Workshop:

How to Create a Culture of Empathic Listening for Brand Teams

RealityCheck’s Segmentation AttunementTM Workshop is an approach to consumer segmentation that creates an empathic and emotional connection between brand teams and their consumer segments.

For brand team members, the goal is not just insight and learning but a felt experience through which they achieve a more profound sense of engagement with consumer segments.

More than just research, the Segmentation AttunementTM Workshop is an interactive process involving the RealityCheck team, the brand team and the consumer that converges into a deeper connection with the human beings who engage with your brand.

Gain a Strategic Advantage by Making Qualitative Research a Felt Experience

  • Hear what competitors don’t
  • Humanize your brands
  • Discover how brands solve underlying tensions
  • Discover how brands share beliefs with target
  • Empathy becomes part of an brand insight culture
  • Creates superior ongoing strategic insights

Empathic/Emotional Listening Defined

“Seek to understand, before being understood.

Empathic listening is paying attention to another person with receptivity, emotional identification, compassion, feeling, and insight.

Our Empathic Listening Training Process

  • Online Homework Assignment (20-30 minutes): Watching a taped marketing research interview and answering some questions about what was “heard.”
  • Half-Day Live Training Session (3 hours): Led by a RealityCheck psychologist and consultant
    • Conscious listening styles & strategies
    • Listening for intuitive understanding with the “Third Ear”
    • Empathic listening exercises
  • Practical applications and implications with leave-behind guides provided to help optimize on-going qualitative insight work.