Qualitative Research E-Books from RealityCheck

Online Qualitative Design & Analysis

by Jim White

One of the biggest challenges of conducting online qualitative research is analysis. Digital qualitative studies produce an overwhelming amount of unstructured data including lengthy narrative text, imagery and video.

Many qualitative research consultants struggle with this avalanche of information.

This ebook suggests a new paradigm for the analysis of digital qualitative data that allows researchers to deal with this new world of data more efficiently and comprehensively.

Specifically, this ebook explores the unique analytical challenges posed by online qualitative. It discusses key differences between the face-to-face qualitative experience and the digital experience, and the implications of these differences for developing rich insights. And, it explores specific strategies for qualitative analysis in the digital age.

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The Advantage of Being Human in a Consumer World

by Jim Chastain & Jim White

Talking to the human in marketing research is good for business but many marketers and brand insight people see understanding the human as a “nice to have” in a world of much more pressing research needs. It’s time for a reality check. The e-books proposes human understanding as a “must-have” in today’s new realities, and why we need to reassess how we do ALL of our qualitative insight work, be it a big strategy or positioning project or all the things we do on a regular basis. Read why now…

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Empathic Listening Introduction & Overview

by Jim Chastain & Jim White

Why do psychologists practice Empathic Listening and why should you? Because as a brand marketer or insights strategist, it allows you to reach a much deeper level of understanding than regular listening and empathize with your consumer by finding a part of yourself that connects with their experience. This experience enables all of us to go beyond a surface level understanding of the people who interact with our brands so that we can anticipate their needs better. By understanding how to listen empathically you will better able to predict how they’ll react to your new product concept, advertising campaign or package design.

In this overview, you’ll learn what Empathic Listening is all about and how to apply it to the insights work you do; to your conversations with colleagues; and even to your personal relationships.

Download the Guide to Empathic Listening.

Brands as Character Actors

How Brands Play Roles in Our Life Stories
By Jim White PhD, Founding Partner of RealityCheck Inc

When we conduct marketing research, we spend most of the time asking people in one way or another to tell us about our brands. We track their buying habits, we explore the emotional benefits our brands create for them, and we explore brand perceptions, meanings and motivations. Rarely, if ever, do we step back and try to understand the larger, life stories our consumers are trying to write for themselves.

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RealityCheck Insights Journalism™

By Jim White PhD, Founding Partner of RealityCheck Inc

Great insights will go unnoticed and have little impact if they are not communicated in a compelling way. People are moved by stories more than data points. Insights Journalism™ is all about finding the story in your data that will maximize its impact within your organization.

In this e-book, Jim White shares some of the lessons he learned from his days as a journalist and how to apply these to reporting insights. In addition to the “Four Rule of Insights Journalism™ this overview will also address different kinds of journalistic story structures that can be applied to reporting insights, and some thoughts on how to approach data visualization and graphics from a storytelling perspective.

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The RealityCheck Segmentation AttunementTM Experience: An Empathic Journey for Brands

by Jim White, PhD., Saul Hopper, PhD., and Tom Stone, PhD.

It’s one thing to understand your consumer segments on a cognitive level. It’s something entirely different to understand them on an empathic level. Our Segmentation AttunementTM Experience is designed to create a deeper level of engagement between marketers and consumer segments. The result is a transformative post-segmentation immersion for your brand team that will leave you with a more personal, empathetic understanding of your segments. Read why now…

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