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Tom Stone, PHD


Consumer Research Psychologist

My experience:

I am a clinical psychologist who has over thirty years of experience offering mental health services to individuals and families. I have this experience and further training in organizational psychology and applying clinical and group psychology applications in the workplace. Over these many years, I have facilitated and led numerous projects with a focus on program development, change management, leadership development, and strategic planning.

My approach to marketing research:

I approach every project with the primary goal of connecting with the marketing team and the people who are the subject of the research. I want to foster an experience of openness and receptivity by being friendly, warm, and affirming. We get the best data when the project is fun and everyone involved is energized by the learning experience. I love to see our respondents and the marketing team get caught up in the experience of new insights.

The best insight I ever uncovered:

We will reach greater consciousness by choosing to see the world through a “both/and” lens of the world than rather through “either/or” thinking.

What I’ve learned about consumers:

People primarily buy products that will help them to feel good about themselves as well as with a vision of who they want to become and be seen as.

What a client can expect from me:

Every client who spends time with me will feel heard, understood, and leave feeling better about themselves as well as knowing a little more about themselves.

When I’m not doing research,

I’m spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy regular exercise and golf. I am an avid reader about everything from fiction to history, to the wonders of science. I am also a firm believer in the benefits of meditational practice and spending time in solitude.