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Rachel Padron


Field Research Director

My experience:

I have over 14 years of Marketing Research experience – mostly in field and research management. I also have experience in the management of online qualitative studies, ethnographic research, non-traditional location research, in-store research and multi-country international projects, as well as traditional qualitative and quantitative research methods.

I have kindled strong relationships with research vendors all over the world and believe that this is truly one of the reasons for my success. I engage in special interest pursuits such as research and focusing on diverse cultures.

I hold a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and an MA in Corporate and Multicultural Communications from DePaul University.

Categories I’ve worked in:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Restaurant
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer Packaged Goods


My approach to fieldwork:

  • Communication, and organization are the keys to a successful project; it’s all in the details!
  • From the clients and moderators to the field staff and recruiters, everyone involved needs to work together to make a project a success.
  • Keep things simple; simple screener, simple quotas, clear and concise questions, all make a recruit go smoothly.
  • And, when you do need to ask for the world – a little thanks and encouragement goes a long way!

The best insight I can share:

Never say “never” – you never know when “never” will come around.

What I’ve learned from working in the field:

Putting all the right pieces together for a research project can be chaotic – I love trying to put it all together to make it a smoothly running machine.

What a client can expect from me:

Communication and problem solving.

When I’m not doing research, I’m…

Wrangling my two boys, lounging in the water, reading, cooking, or traveling.