What We Do

Qualitative Marketing Research Services

Applying human insights to everyday projects

RealityCheck offers a wide range of qualitative marketing research services that go beyond consumer research and analysis to uncover insights that translate into transformative business opportunities for brands.

Foundational Understanding

  • Revealing Unmet Needs & White Space Opportunities
  • Pre-Segmentation Hypotheses & Vocabulary
  • Deep Understanding of Segments, Post-Segmentation Portraits
  • Pipeline Innovation

Brand Positioning & Messaging

  • Advertising, Packaging & Concept Optimization
  • Brand Positioning & Re-Positioning
  • Brand Architecture & Essence Development & Optimization
  • Developing & Optimizing Messaging Platforms

Human Experience Insights (HXi)

  • Decision Journey Mapping
  • Shopper Experience Exploration
  • Retail Environment Optimization
  • Category Management & Shelf Set Exploration


Getting from here to there


From focus groups to digital ethnography 

Focus groups

Focus Groups

Focus groups should be group conversations. Our moderators help group participants relate to each other as human beings, finding the things they have in common and helping them connect and empathize with one another. That’s how we make them feel comfortable opening up and sharing.
Individual Depth Interviews

Individual Depth Interviews

Our one-on-one interviews often feel like two friends conversing over a cup of coffee. Whether it’s a business-to-business or consumer project, we try to engage with the human being sitting across from us to create a warm and open context for conversation.
Psychological Interviews

Psychological Interviews

It’s not unusual for participants to thank our psychologists at the end of these fascinating conversations. These in-depth, one-on-one interviews are conducted by licensed clinical psychologists. Using tried and true clinical techniques, our psychologists help people access and express the deep-seated thoughts, feelings and motivations that can go unspoken in typical research settings. Many folks learn a little something about themselves along way.
Face-to-Face Ethnography

Face-to-Face Ethnography

We enter the real world where people actually live with your brand to reach a deeper understanding of the context in which brand relationships and decisions occur. We observe and interview people where they live, work and shop, using their behavior and surroundings as stimuli for the conversation. And our clients are always invited along for the ride.
Digital Ethnography

Digital Ethnography

Virtually “be there” whenever and wherever people engage with your brand. Through our digital ethnography approach, people bring their lives and brand experiences to life for you just the way they do in social media. The only difference is, this social network is all about your brand. We can conduct studies in any language so you can stay home and still conduct rich, insightful ethnographic research anywhere in the world.
Online Qualitative

Online Qualitative

We’ve executed just about every form of qualitative research online. We’ve evaluated and optimized advertising, new product ideas, packaging and concepts. We’ve asked people to upload imagery and video of their lives, create digital collages, write detailed stories, and more. There isn’t a projective qualitative technique we haven’t been able to translate to an engaging and insightful digital activity. People can engage with us through their phones, tablets and computers. And we can do this in any language.
Webcam Interviews and Groups

Webcam Interviews and Groups

Need to do qualitative research with folks who are too hard or too expensive to reach in person? Using web teleconferencing technology, we conduct focus groups and individual interviews in real time, streaming over the internet. We can post materials for people to discuss. And our clients can observe everything. Just another way we’re using the latest technology to make human connections anytime, anywhere in the world.
Empathic Listening Training

Empathic Listening Training

Whether you’re a brand manager, moderator or insights professional, we’ll teach you how to listen differently – how to listen empathically. Our custom workshops are designed to give teams the skills to do what psychologists call “listening with the third ear.” We do this either as stand- alone training or part of an insight project. This experiential training lays the foundation for listening to narrative and being able to hear human insight in a way that can transform an organization.