Sue Chapman

Marketing Research Consultant

My experience:

I have an art degree from Washington University, made possible by an ad agency career creating ads. I also have a natural desire to affect the Big Picture, which  led to becoming a strategist. Wisdom and experience have fueled my life as a qualitative consultant.

Categories I’ve worked in:

  • Beer, wine, spirits
  • Healthcare
  • Car rental
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Baby care
  • Pet care
  • Fashion
  • Frozen food
  • Tobacco
  • Ice cream
  • Building products
  • Household products
  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Casual dining

My approach to marketing research:

There are no rules.

The best insight I ever uncovered:

Men enjoy their meat most outdoors.

What I’ve learned about consumers:

Everyone is creative

What a client can expect from me:

Simple deep conclusions come from disarming consumers and seeing things through a new lens.

When I’m not doing research, I’m…

Satisfying my inclination to reconstruct clothing or stitch something by hand. Or I’m cooking real food and reading… new non-fiction, memoirs, novels or The New Yorker.