How We Do It

Innovative Marketing Research Methods

Breaking Down The Barriers Between Marketers And Consumers

More than just research, our proprietary methods are part science, part artful conversation. Our techniques break down the comfortable barriers that separate marketers and consumers and lead brand teams on a journey in which they feel as well as think.

Narrative Advertising, Packaging & Concept Analysis

We believe it’s more important to ask respondents what an idea makes them “think of” instead of what they think of the idea. People think in stories. Our proprietary Narrative approaches elicit the stories that reveal the deeper meanings, emotions, and non-conscious associations your concepts communicate.

Uses: Advertising; Packaging and Product Concept Optimization; Pipeline Innovation


Belief Systems, Identity Tension & Need State Analysis

Beliefs are more important than benefits when it comes to brand marketing. Great brands connect with people’s core beliefs; help them resolve tensions in their lives; and satisfy their unmet needs. Our proprietary methods reveal the belief systems, identity tensions and need states that drive human behavior, including brand choice and loyalty.

Uses: Brand Positioning and Re-Positioning; Developing and Optimizing Messaging Platforms; Pipeline Innovation; Pre-Segmentation Hypotheses and Vocabulary; Post-Segmentation Portraits


Empathic Listening Training

It’s one thing to understand your consumer segments on a cognitive level. It’s something entirely different to understand them on an empathic level. We teach project teams how to listen differently – how to listen empathically. Psychologists call this listening with the “third ear.” We do this either as a stand alone or part of an insight project. This experiential training lays the foundation for listening to narrative and being able to hear human insight in a way that can transform an organization.

Uses: Brand Team Engagement; Advanced Moderator Training


Segmentation Attunement WorkshopTM

Our Segmentation AttunementTM Workshop is designed to augment qualitative fieldwork to create a deeper level of engagement between marketers and consumer segments. Our psychologists take project teams through a series of activities including Guided Imagery, Role Playing and Creative Collaboration with consumers that will transform how your team relates to the human beings that use your brand.

Uses: Brand Team Engagement; Post-Segmentation Portraits

Learn more about our Segmentation AttunementTM Workshops here.

The Advantage of Being Human in a Consumer World

The RealityCheck Segmentation AttunementTM Workshop E-book

RealityCheck uses online qual technology to create engaging consumer studies