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Qualitative Consumer Research

Innovative Methods & Techniques

More than just research, RealityCheck’s proprietary methods are part science, part artful conversation. Our techniques break down the comfortable barriers that separate marketers and consumers and lead brand teams on a journey in which they feel as well as think.


It’s one thing to understand your consumer segments on a cognitive level. It’s something entirely different to understand them on an empathic level. Our Segmentation AttunementTM Workshop are designed to create a deeper level of engagement between marketers and consumer segments. We’ll teach you to listen differently to your consumer to connect with them on a human level. It’s a research process in which you will feel as well as think. The result is a transformative post-segmentation immersion for your brand team that will leave you with a more personal, empathetic understanding of your segments. And you might learn a little something about yourself as well.

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When it comes to communication evaluation, we believe it’s more important to ask respondents what an idea makes them “think of” instead of what they think of it. This puts them into a narrative instead of evaluative mindset. Utilizing our online qual research platform we have crafted 5 questions that are designed to help us understand how communication will fit into the narrative of their lives. We analyze what they write and how much they write without ever asking their opinion. We feel this gives us more honest and meaningful feedback.


It isn’t easy for someone to tell you their true emotional state when they want or need something to satisfy themselves. Our proprietary method, Yearn, gives them the vocabulary to tell us the underlying emotional need they are trying to satisfy. What are they really yearning for in a need state or an experience that they have difficulty expressing? We use planets and gingerbread men to help them tell us.

The Advantage of Being Human in a Consumer World

The RealityCheck Segmentation AttunementTM Workshop E-book

RealityCheck uses online qual technology to create engaging consumer studies